“At Coipa Capital, we provide comprehensive expertise and support across all sectors of the energy industry, including upstream, midstream, and downstream activities.”

Here’s how we approach each segment:



In the upstream sector, we focus on exploration and production activities, including oil and gas drilling, reservoir management, and resource development. Our services encompass strategic planning, asset valuation, risk assessment, and investment analysis to support upstream operations.

We work closely with energy companies, investors, and stakeholders to identify and capitalize on upstream opportunities, optimize production processes, and maximize returns on investment.



Coipa Capital offers specialized support in midstream operations, which involve the transportation, storage, and processing of oil, gas, and other energy commodities. We assist clients in developing and optimizing midstream infrastructure, including pipelines, storage facilities, terminals, and processing plants.

Our services include feasibility studies, project financing, regulatory compliance, and risk management to ensure the efficient and safe transportation and handling of energy resources.



In the downstream sector, we focus on refining, distribution, and marketing activities, including refining crude oil into refined products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, as well as distributing and marketing these products to end-users.

Coipa Capital provides expertise in downstream operations, including refinery optimization, supply chain management, product marketing, and market analysis.

We help clients navigate market dynamics, optimize refining processes, and enhance product distribution to maximize profitability and competitiveness in the downstream sector.

Overall, our comprehensive approach to upstream, midstream, and downstream activities enables us to provide tailored solutions and support to clients across the energy value chain.

Whether it’s identifying investment opportunities in upstream exploration projects, optimizing midstream infrastructure for efficient transportation and storage, or enhancing downstream refining and marketing operations, Coipa Capital is committed to delivering value and driving success in every aspect of the energy industry.