“COIPA CAPITAL stands as a proactive and integral player in the realm of Public Finance, actively participating in Recovery Bond offerings and the issuance of State’s General Obligation Bonds.”

In our role as co-managers, we are deeply involved in various critical aspects of these offerings, committed to ensuring their success and alignment with the strategic objectives of our clients. Our multifaceted involvement encompasses:

Strategic Debt Structuring


Collaborating closely with the Issuer and lead underwriter, we leverage our expertise to develop an optimal debt structure and financing program.

This involves not only addressing immediate financial needs but also undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the Issuer’s long-term capital requirements, ensuring sustainability and alignment with future objectives.

Financial Meetings Participation


Our team actively participates in pertinent financial meetings convened by the Issuer, providing valuable insights and guidance on underwriting activities.

Through our active involvement, we contribute to informed decision-making and strategic alignment with the Issuer’s financial goals.

Comprehensive Option Exploration


Working in tandem with the Issuer and lead underwriter, we explore a spectrum of options to tailor the bond offering to meet specific investor preferences and market conditions.

This includes meticulous consideration of sale timing, par amount, maturity schedule, coupon structure, redemption provisions, and other key features critical for optimizing investor appeal and market reception.

Document Preparation Expertise


Our team lends its expertise to the meticulous preparation of all documentation essential for the financing process. This includes crafting the Preliminary Official Statement (POS), the Official Statement (OS), the Indenture or Bond Resolution, the Bond Purchase Agreement, and associated materials.

Through our attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, we ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and enhance investor confidence.

Collaborative Partnership


We foster a collaborative partnership with the Issuer’s officials, staff, and other retained professionals, including financial advisors, bond counsel, accountants, and engineers.

Through seamless collaboration and coordination with the lead underwriter, we facilitate the development and execution of a robust financing strategy tailored to the Issuer’s unique circumstances and objectives.

At Coipa Capital


Our unwavering dedication to excellence and client-centric approach underpins our involvement in Public Finance.

By leveraging our deep expertise, comprehensive resources, and collaborative ethos, we strive to deliver value-added solutions that drive success and foster long-term financial sustainability for our clients.