Pipeline Consulting

Pipeline Consulting

COIPA CAPITAL is a consulting company with extensive expertise in safe equipment operation methods as related to both pipeline and facilities construction.

Some examples of the services currently being performed are hoisting and lifting audits and assessments on-site (for both pipeline and facilities construction on various projects), steep slope operations support (guidelines and standards, safe work plan development, on-site support, training), provision of equipment specialists and more.


COIPA CAPITAL has a variety of traditional and alternative asset management firms.

Research beyond the business plan

COIPA CAPITAL provides industry with support previously unavailable. In short, we close the gap between the absence of science, regulatory requirements and historical practices. Unfortunately, historical practices are often deemed to be best practice.

COIPA CAPITAL reconciles acceptable historical best practices and provides solid best practices where historical best practices are deficient or absent. This is done by effectively marrying the science behind operations and regulatory requirements with practical application on the job. This requires both in depth technical knowledge and experiential knowledge as well as a comprehensive understanding of equipment functionality and operating principles.

COIPA CAPITAL business model is based on providing world class support in areas where the gap may be huge and the solutions are insufficient or clearly absent.

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