Values and Mission

The engine of COIPA CAPITAL is immaterial, as much as - on the contrary - its real landings are concrete and functional. That is why in it the longing and the action appear intertwined and indissoluble. As a thought that builds. As a set of values that acquire substance.

Trust and development

The primary value of COIPA CAPITAL is trust. Every person who works in the company becomes a multi-level maker, first of all with regard to investor clients. This is because professionalism, honesty, integrity and fairness create stable and profitable relationships also in the financial sphere, while at the same time proving to be winning features in the selection of projects to invest in.

The mission of COIPA CAPITAL is to produce a better quality of life, creating value through technology. This is especially true for developing countries, which have always been an area of activity for the entire COIPA group, which participates in local economies respecting their respective vocations and helping them to progress in the social, health and training spheres.

This is an approach that ethically qualifies the remuneration of investors, linking it to the growth of local SMEs and the advancement of knowledge and working conditions of the people directly involved in the realization of the projects that are the object of the investments.