About us

There is a large open space between the virtual and the real. It is that of the dematerialized circulation of money, aimed at sustainable and profitable development projects. COIPA CAPITAL oversees this space, with the professionalism of an advanced FinTech and the credibility of an industrial group that has been favoring private and public investors in different parts of the world for decades.

With COIPA CAPITAL the reward crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding use the best technology, combined with operational capacity, autonomy and independence, a concrete approach and in-depth knowledge of the selected projects.

This is how COIPA CAPITAL operates in a potentially non-perimeter context, controllable only through customized intervention models. Thanks to the latter, acting simultaneously as advisor and partner, the company guarantees solid portfolios and conscious access to local investment markets, with particular preference for those in development.

Without intermediaries and with the use of innovative technologies for the control and security of financial transactions, COIPA CAPITAL is in fact the sophisticated alternative to the traditional asset management.

It should be noted that COIPA CAPITAL is not authorized to open Bank Accounts.

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